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Shandong Mingtai Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd is established in 2000 year, supporting operating room and ICU medical equipment. Since company established, continue to develop, keep making progress, let people enjoy the health future with better quality and service. Mingtai products get ISO13485, ISO9001, CE & SFDA certification. Mingtai company have many patents. Mingtai brand series operating light, operating table, medical pendant, hospital bed and air disinfection equipment meet different distributor and customer`s different requirement. Company philosophy Responsibility: Focus on social responsibility, be responsible for customer, staff. Responsibility is our belief Innovation:...

Categories and Products

Operating Lamp

Sixth Generation LED Operating Light

Mingtai 6th generation shadowless light 

Fifth Generation LED Surgery Lamp

Mingtai LED760/560 classic model operating light Mingtai VICENT 560 baisc model shadowless lamp Mingtai VICENT 760 basic model shadowless led lamp Mingtai VICENT 760/560 baisc model medical led light Mingtai VICENT 760/760 basic model surgical lamp Mingtai LED760/760 classic model operating light with ce Mingtai LED760 classic model led operating lamp Mingtai LED560 classic model ent examination light 

Third Generation LED Shadowless Light

Mingtai LED720/720 standard model operating light Mingtai LED720/720 basic model examination lamp Mingtai LED720/520 standard model surgical lamp Mingtai LED720/520 basic model surgery lamp supplier Mingtai LED720 imported configuration model operating light Mingtai LED720 basic model led surgical light Mingtai LED520 imported configuration model medical lamps Mingtai LED520 basic model operating light with camera 

Petal Type LED Operation Lamp

Mingtai LED760/560 petal model shadowless light Mingtai LED520 fashion model surgical light Mingtai LED720 fashion model led surgical light Mingtai LED720/520 fashion model shadowless light Mingtai LED720/720 fashion model shadowless operating light Mingtai LED560 petal model shadowless ot light Mingtai LED760/760 petal model surgical lamp Mingtai LED760 petal model led operation light dental Mingtai LED720/520 petal model or light Mingtai LED520 petal model operating LED light Mingtai LED720/720 petal model led medical light Mingtai LED720 petal model surgical light led for surgical lamp LED720/520 

Camera Operation Light

Mingtai LED760/760 external camera operating light Mingtai LED760/560 external camera or light Mingtai LED720/720 external camera operating surgical light Mingtai LED720/520 external camera operating lamp Mingtai LED760/760 external camera + monitor ot lights Mingtai LED760/560 external camera + monitor Surgical Light Mingtai LED720/720 external camera + monitor medical light Mingtai LED720/520 external camera + monitor operating lamp Mingtai surgery teaching telemedicine teaching system Mingtai HD surgery teach recording and broadcasting system Mingtai LED760/760 internal camera medical surgical lamp Mingtai LED760/560 internal camera medical light price Mingtai LED720/720 internal camera medical operation light Mingtai LED720/520 internal camera or light Mingtai LED760/760 internal camera + monitor operating light Mingtai LED760/560 internal camera + monitor surgical light Mingtai LED720/720 internal camera + monitor operating light Mingtai LED720/520 internal camera + monitor or light 

Halogen Surgery Light

Mingtai ZF700 standard model halogen shadowless lamp Mingtai ZF700/700 standard model halogen shadowless light Mingtai ZF700/500 standard model halogen surgical light Mingtai ZF500 standard model shadowless surgical light Mingtai ZF700/700 imported configuration surgical light Mingtai ZF700/500 imported configuration surgical light Mingtai ZF700 imported configuration model surgical lamp Mingtai ZF500 imported configuration model operating lights emergency room equipment operation light ZF500 imported configuration model medical equipment shadowless ceiling lamp ZF700/700 veterinary surgical instrument operating light ZF700 

Mobile Wall Shadowless Lamp

Mingtai mobile VICENT LED760/560 basic model medical light Mingtai LED720/520 mobile fashion model shadowless light Mingtai LED720/520 mobile operating light Mingtai LED720/520 mobile basic model or light Mingtai LED720/520 mobile petal model surgical light Mingtai LED720/520 wall mounted petal model operating lights Mingtai LED720/520 wall mounted basic model medical light Mingtai LED720/520 wall mounted medical lamps Mingtai LED520 portable field operation theatre light Mingtai ZF700/500 wall mounted halogen surgical light Mingtai LED760/560 mobile operating light Mingtai LED760/560 mobile petal model shadowless LED lamp Mingtai LED760/560 wall mounted petal model surgical light Mingtai LED760/560 wall mounted led surgical light 

Auxiliary Operating Lamp

Mingtai LED3000 continental base mobile auxiliary or light Mingtai LED2000 mobile cold light shadowless operating lamp Mingtai LED1000 operating light with ce Mingtai LED2000 wall mounted surgical light Mingtai LED2000 ceiling model operating lights surgical Mingtai LED3000 general base auxiliary operating light Mingtai LED3000 double dome operating light Mingtai LED3000 ceiling model shadowless lamp 

Electric Operating Table

Modular Operating Table

Mingtai 8800 modular surgical operation table 

Carbon Fiber Operation Table

Mingtai MT2000 image film operating table Mingtai MT3080 spinal surgery electric operation table Mingtai MT3080 carbon fiber electric operating table Mingtai 6800 high level carbon fiber surgery table Mingtai MT6800 carbon fiber electro operating table Mingtai MT2100 image film table 

Orthopedics Comprehensive Surgery Table

Mingtai MT 3080 Longitudinal Motion Electric Surgery Table Mingtai MT3080 intelligent model surgical table Mingtai MT2200 eccentric column electric operation table Mingtai MT3080 ultra low position orthopedic operating table Mingtai MT2100 basic model operating table electric motor Mingtai MT2100 comfortable model electric surgery table Mingtai MT2100 intelligent model operating electric table Mingtai MT2100 imported configuration model operating table Mingtai MT2100 classic model multifunction operation table Mingtai MT3080 technology model electric operating table Mingtai MT3080 rotation model electric surgery table multi function surgical instrument operating table MT2100 (standard model) 

Comprehensive Surgical Table

Mingtai MT2000 imported configuration model operation table Mingtai MT2200 intelligent model electro surgery bed Mingtai MT2200 basic model electric operating table Mingtai MT2000 intelligent model electric operating table Mingtai MT2000 comfortable model electric medical table Mingtai MT2000 classic model operating electric table Mingtai MT2000 standard model electric motor operating table Mingtai MT2000 economic model electric motor surgical table medical equipment trading operating table MT2200 (Intelligent model) 

Gynecological Operating Bed

Mingtai MT1800 electric gynecology operating table Mingtai MT1800D standard model LDR obstetric delivery table Mingtai MT1800 electric hydraulic model gynecological beds Mingtai MT1800 baby friendly model birthing table Mingtai MT1800 classic model gyno operating table Mingtai MT1800 basic model gynecology examination table Mingtai MT1800 luxury model obstetric operating table Mingtai MT1800D intelligent LDR electric operating table Mingtai MT1800 ultra low position gynecology surgical table Mingtai MT1800 semi-automatic gynecology surgical table Mingtai MT1800 intelligent model gynecologist table Mingtai MT1800 innovation model obstetric medical table Mingtai MT1800 comfortable model gynecology operating table Mingtai ST3004 mechanical gynecology surgery operating table Mingtai MT1800 (stylish model) gynecology operating table electric gynecology operation table MT1800 advanced technology delivery table MT1800 (basic model) gynecology equipment operating room table MT1800D obstetric delivery bed MT1800D 

Gynecological Examining Table

Mingtai MT2000 gynecological endoscopic surgery table ST6 stainless steel examination table (with auxiliary board) Mingtai ST6 stainless steel examination table MT1800 (graceful model) multifunction operating table MT1800 (elegant model) surgical examination table MT1800 (electric hydraulic) obstetric examination table MT1800 (stylish model) multifunction gynecology exam table Mingtai ST9 multifunction gynecological operating table MT1800 (charming model) electric obstetric examination table gynecology examining bed MT1800 

Specialist Comprehensive Surgery Bed

Mingtai PT general operating table ST3001 lateral operated comprehensive operating table Mingtai ST3002 orthopedic comprehensive operating table Mingtai ST3008 head operated comprehensive operation table Mingtai MT2000 urology electric examination operating table Mingtai MT2000 anorectal electric hydraulic operating table Mingtai MT2000 hair transplant operating table Mingtai hospital endoscopy bed Mingtai MT2000 dermatology electric operating table Mingtai MT2000 ophthalmic electric operating table Mingtai MT2000 cosmetic electric hydraulic operating table 

Other Operating Table Ancillary Products

Mingtai lateral support and patient positioning system Mingtai head frame (imported) Mingtai stereo orientation head frame Mingtai surgical navigation system Advanced spinal operating table system Spinal surgery position system Advanced head positioning system stirrup-shaped aerodynamic assist leg frame Pneumatic booster beach chair Mingtai Y3 medical chair Mingtai Y4 medical chair Upper limb surgery handle rest board Mingtai Upper/lower limb locator Mingtai carbon fiber spinal frame Mingtai Q1 floor orthopedic traction frame Mingtai Q2 ordinary hanging orthopedic traction frame Mingtai Q3 hanging carbon fiber orthopedic traction frame Mingtai Q5 hanging carbon fiber orthopedic traction frame 

Medical Pendant & ICU Bridge Pendant

Germany Imported Medical Pendant & Bridge Pendant

V730 mechanical single arm medical pendant V730L mechanical double arms medical pendant V740 electric single arm medical pendant V740L electric double arms medical pendant Mingtai V750 combined medical pendant V760 medical bridge pendant V770 multi-screen medical pendant 

Third Generation Medical Pendant & Bridge Pendant

WINDER D7000 electric single arm medical pendant WINDER-D6000C mechanical double arm surgery medical pendant WINDER-D7000C electric double arms medical pendant WINDER-D6000 mechanical single arm medical pendant WINDER-D8000C bridge pendant (wet & dry part together) WINDER-D8000E bridge pendant (wet & dry part together) WINDER-D8000EC bridge pendant (wet & dry part separate) WINDER-D8000EE bridge pendant (wet & dry part separate) 

Second Generation Medical Pendant & Bridge Pendant

Mingtai D360C double arm electric endoscopy medical pendant Mingtai D390C electric double arm anesthetic medical pendant Mingtai D390 electric single arm anesthetic medical pendant Mingtai D360 electric single arm endoscopy medical pendant Mingtai D300C electric double arm surgery medical pendant Mingtai D300 electric single arm surgery medical pendant Mingtai D290C mechanical anesthetic medical pendant D260C mechanical double arm endoscopy medical pendant D290 mechanical single arm anesthetic medical pendant Mingtai D260 mechanical single arm endoscopy medical pendant D230 surgery anesthetic comprehensive medical pendant Mingtai D200C mechanical single arm surgery medical pendant Mingtai D200 mechanical single arm surgery medical pendant D100 mechanical combined surgery endoscopy medical pendant D100 mechanical combined double arm surgery medical pendant Wall mounted medical pendant electric single arm/monitor endoscopy center medical pendant single arm double monitor endoscopy center medical pendant mechanical endoscopy center medical pendant mechanical double arm single monitor medical pendant 

Oxygen Supply System

Mingtai German standard tower terminal Oxygen Inhaler SH-3 (Plug) Manual shut-off valve SJ15-10 Oxygen Inhaler SH-2 (Plug) Oxygen Inhaler SH-1 (Plug) Oxygen pressure reducing valve YJF-15 Oxygen timing inhaler SH-J (Plug) Pressure gauge valve YLBF-100 (60) Attracting regulating valve XYQ-III (plug) Mingtai attractor XYQ-IIIA (plug) Mingtai good quality regulator WY-400 Mingtai Regulator Stopper WYJLQ Manual shut-off valve TSJ1-6 Air connector IXB type 5 liter suction bottle 1 liter suction machine XYQ-III (1L) Mingtai common suction control valve Mingtai oxygen humidification bottle Mingtai tower oxygen inhaler Mingtai American gas terminal 

Ward Nursing Equipment

Electric Hospital Bed

Mingtai multifunction M7 electric hospital bed Mingtai M2 series multifunction electric hospital bed Mingtai M3 series multifunction electro ICU bed Mingtai M5 series multifunction electric hospital bed Mingtai M6 multifunction electric hospital bed Mingtai M8 high grade electric ICU bed five function medical bed M5 (Imported configuration model) ICU equipment ICU bed M2 

Manual Hospital Bed

Mingtai medical flat bed Mingtai portable field bed Mingtai S1 series manual semi-fowler hospital bed Mingtai S2 series manual full-fowler hospital bed Mingtai S3 series manual three crank hosptial bed 

ABS Series Carts

Mingtai ABS anesthesia cart European pyramid stability design ABS anesthesia cart Stainless steel fence ABS anesthesia cart ABS work table rescue vehicles Mingtai bedside settlement cart Mingtai Notebook investigation cart Mingtai hospital computer trolley Mingtai wireless investigation cart two layer drawer ABS anesthesia cart ABS rescue vehicles with IV pole Five drawers ABS rescue vehicles ABS drug delivery cart six drawers ABS drug delivery cart Rotary tray ABS anesthesia cart five drawer ABS rescue vehicles ABS mold molding treatment cart stainless steel fence ABS treatment cart different color ABS treatment cart Two drawers ABS treatment cart color optional ABS treatment cart 

Stretcher Series

Stainless steel two big two small wheel stretcher Mingtai Stainless steel lifting stretcher Stainless steel four small wheel stretcher Stainless steel four small castors stretcher Mingtai medical electric stretcher Mingtai B-2Y luxury hydraulic stretcher Mingtai B-1 ABS plastic stretcher Mingtai B-1Y luxury hydraulic stretcher 

Stainless Steel Series Car/stand/cabinet

Stainless steel three fold screen Semi - brown half - cotton tarpaulin mattress Waterproof cloth orthopedic special split chest mattress Semi-brown half-cotton tarpaulin double shaker mattress Stainless steel lifting round stool Mingtai Stainless steel lifting round stool High end waiting chair Mingtai High end waiting chair Stainless steel plug-in stroller Mingtai Steel spray stroller Stainless steel bedside stroller Mingtai stainless steel stroller baby carriage Stainless steel equipment trolley Steel spray luxury escort chair ABS telescopic dinner table board Steel spray flip dinner table board Steel spray examination bed Steel spray massage bed Mingtai Steel spray examination bed Stainless steel fan-shaped equipment trolley 

Radiology Equipment

X-ray Film View Lamp

Mingtai X6 film view lamp (double screens) Mingtai X5 X-ray film view lamp (Single screen) Mingtai X7 X-ray film view lamp (Triple screen) Mingtai X8 X-ray film lamp (Quadruple screen) 

X-ray Protection Device

Mingtai lead protection screen Mingtai X-ray mobile protective screens A Mingtai stainless steel triple protective screen Mingtai X-ray mobile protective screens Mingtai floor-type small window protective door Mingtai electric lift mobile X-ray protective screens Mingtai X-ray mobile hanging protective screens Mingtai floor-type single all-transparent protective screen Mingtai translucent floor movable lead screen Mingtai translucent floor-mounted double screen Mingtai-X-ray suspension protective screens Mingtai X-ray sliding door 

Digital Operation Room

Mingtai Digital operation room Intelligent operation live management system Critical care information system Mingtai OR onecare solution Surgical Video Teaching I Surgical Video Teaching II Surgical Video Teaching III Mingtai Centralized control system Mingtai Surgical information bulletin Internet of things application I Internet of things application II Mingtai Clinical information application Digital operating room equipment configuration Operating room integrated implementation 

Balance Arm Suspension System

Mingtai mechanical arm type D12 Mingtai mechanical arm type: D1 Mingtai mechanical arm type: D2 Mingtai mechanical arm type: D3 Mingtai mechanical arm type: D13 Mingtai mechanical arm type: D14 Mingtai mechanical arm type: D15 Mingtai mechanical arm type: D16 Mingtai mechanical arm type: D17 Mingtai mechanical arm type: D18 Mingtai mechanical arm type: D19 Mingtai mechanical arm type: D20 Mingtai mechanical arm type: D21 Mingtai mechanical arm type: D22 Mingtai mechanical arm type: D23 Mingtai hanging arm operating room camera system D4 Mingtai mechanical arm type: D5 Mingtai mechanical arm type: D6 Mingtai mechanical arm type: D8 Mingtai mechanical arm type: D9 

Infection Control Sterilization

AD3000 (vertical Type) air disinfector Mingtai ultrasonic spray washer-disinfector AD600 (classic model) air disinfector Mingtai AC80 medical air purifier screen Mingtai rapid automatic ultrasonic spray washer disinfector Mingtai rapid automatic washer-disinfector Mingtai FLOW-M automatic soft endoscopic washer-disinfector Mingtai XG1. D pulsating vacuum sterilizer Mingtai XG1. H pulsating vacuum sterilizer Mingtai XG1. U pulsating vacuum sterilizer Mingtai ordinary horizontal pressure sterilizer Mingtai UCD pulsating vacuum sterilizer 850 continuous sealing machine 880 continuous sealing machine Cutting seal one machine 780 continuous sealing machine 650 continuous sealing machine Mingtai roll cutting machine Traceable label printing system Mingtai seal check strips 

Pet Medical Equipment

Mingtai Animal X-ray machine Mingtai animal CT machine Anesthesia machine for pets Mingtai pet ultrasound machine Mingtai medical device animal DR Mingtai Special pet monitor Mingtai pet animal electrocardiograph Special high frequency electric knife for pets Mingtai animal operating table 

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